Access Door Bead

Designed for finishing plasterboard around access doors and provide a flange for the access door to rest on.

  • 12 pieces per cartons
  • 3.0m lengths

Acoustic Panels

MDF door and steel frame with budget lock. Also available with tip latch.

Available with set bead and architrave finish. 

Standard Sizes

  • 300 x 300
  • 450 x 450
  • 600 x 600

Adjustable Inside Corner

Adjustable Inside Corner Beads produce straight and sharp inside lines and adjusts between 700 -1500.

  • 70 pieces per carton
  • Available in 2.4m & 3.0m lengths

AMF Tiles and Grid

Plastamasta Granvillep is now the DISTRIBUTOR for AMF Tiles and Grid

Angle Head

Fits easily onto Compound Applicator Tube. Dispensing ribbons of joint compound to both sides of internal, horizontal or vertical joints.

Archway Corner Bead 90 degree

Archway Corner Bead is the ideal tool for finishing archways and other free flowing curved forms. For ease of installation, Trim-Tex Spray Adhesive should be used to adhere arch tabs to the plasterboard.

  • 50 pieces per carton
  • Available in 2.4 & 3.0 lengths


Automatic Taper

The Tapepro Automatic Taper simultaneously applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all flat and internal angle joints. It can be used with 75 or 150m rolls of paper tape.

Blueboard Basecote BC50

Boscote Blueboard Basecote BC50 is an exterior fibre cement jointing compound. Boscote Blueboard
BC50 is a flexible jointing compound with high water resistance. Used in the jointing of fibre cement and water resistant sheeting (blueboard).

Blueboard Top Cote TC50

Boscote Blueboard Topcote TC50 is an exterior fibre cement topping cement. It is a flexible all purpose compound, with a smooth finish and high water resistance. Boscote Blueboard Topcote TC50 is used as a topping/finishing coat over Boscote BlueboardBasecote.


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