Magic Corner

Magic Corner™ is the perfect solution for off angled walls and raked ceilings. This bead combines rigid PVC on the mud legs with a soft centre allowing it to act as an expansion bead at any angle

  • Supplied as a 60m roll

Outside Splayed Corner 135 degree

An outside corner bead that can be flexed to fit unusual outside corner angles from 120 to 140 degrees. Make your outside splayed corners straight and definitive.

  • 50 pieces per carton
  • Available in 2.4m & 3.0m lengths

Reveal Bead

Trim-Tex Reveal Bead is the ideal way to create a reveal in a plasterboard surface.

  • Available in 3.0m lengths
  • 6 x 6mm - 30 pieces per carton
  • 13 x 13mm - 20 pieces per carton
  • 13 x 25mm - 15 pieces per carton

Shadow Bead 13mm x13mm

The Trim-Tex 13x13mm Shadow Bead adds great shadow features at any point where sheeting intersects with another surface.

  • 25 lengths per carton
  • Available in 3.0m lengths
  • Suits 13mm plasterboard forming 13mm shadow


Shadow Bead Flexible 10mm

The Trim-Tex Flexible Shadow Bead 10x10mm is used to create a reveal effect around cloumns or curved walls. The tear off strip acts as a guide for your taping knife and protects the reveal from plaster, making cleaning up a breeze.

  • 25 pieces per carton
  • Available in 3.0m lengths
  • Flexes to a radius of 450mm


Shadow Bead Tear Away

The Trim-Tex Tearaway Shadow Bead not only forms a great shadow feature but the the tearaway strip also acts as a guide for your taping knife and protects the reveal from plaster.

  • 25 pieces per carton
  • Available in 3.0m lengths
  • Available in 6x10mm and 10x10mm shadow profiles

Skimcoat Corner Bead 90 degree

Skim Coat Plaster Corner Bead is designed to be used both for internal and external application with oversized slots that allow more compound to penetrate, providing the ultimate plaster or skim coat bond.

  • 40 pieces per carton
  • Available with 42mm legs and a 2.5mm build


Spray Adhesive

Trim-Tex Spray Adhesive is a pressure sensitive spray adhesive specifically designed and tested by Trim-Tex engineers for the installation of Trim-Tex vinyl beads.

If necessary use 848 Citrus Cleaner to clean up any overspray.



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