Access Door Bead

Designed for finishing plasterboard around access doors and provide a flange for the access door to rest on.

  • 12 pieces per cartons
  • 3.0m lengths

Adjustable Inside Corner

Adjustable Inside Corner Beads produce straight and sharp inside lines and adjusts between 700 -1500.

  • 70 pieces per carton
  • Available in 2.4m & 3.0m lengths

Archway Corner Bead 90 degree

Archway Corner Bead is the ideal tool for finishing archways and other free flowing curved forms. For ease of installation, Trim-Tex Spray Adhesive should be used to adhere arch tabs to the plasterboard.

  • 50 pieces per carton
  • Available in 2.4 & 3.0 lengths


Bullnose Archway Corner Bead

Archway Bullnose is notched to conform to archways and curved forms and compliment the rest of the Trim-Tex Bullnose range. Designed for minimum 375mm inside radius to a maximum 500mm outside radius

  • 35 pieces per carton
  • Standard 3m lengths
  • 19mm bullnose profile


Bullnose Corner Bead 90 degree

Soften corners and add a contemporary appearance with Bullnose Corner Bead. Trim-Tex offers the most complete range of 19mm Bullnose products available.

  • 35 pieces per carton
  • Available in 2.4 & 3m lengths
  • 19mm round profile


Citrus Cleaner

Citris Cleaner is designed for removing adhesive over spray from Trim-Tex vinyl beads and other building materials. It's also great for general cleaning purposes on many surfaces including metal.

Corner Bead 90 degree

Trim-Tex Corner Bead creates a rust proof and dent resistant corner, simply fasten to the plasterboard and you are ready for setting.

  • 50 pieces per carton. 
  • Available in 2.4 & 3.0m lengths.


Expansion Bead "V"

The Trim-Tex 093VTM expansion joint allows for 6mm of structural movement.  The V Shape of the bead is made from rigid PVC with a soft flexible connection at the bottom and the Tear Away strips on either side of the V protect the centre from excess plaster.

  • 20 pieces per carton
  • 3.0m lengths

Expansion Joint Hideaway

Trim-Tex Hideaway™ Bead is a low profile expansion joint that eliminates the exposed V common with other products.  The soft centre flexes as the structure expands while the Tear Away strips protect the centre from plaster.

  • 25 pieces per carton
  • 3.0m lengths


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