Hand Tools & Accessories

Caulking Guns

A range of caulking guns for sausages or cartridges.

Chalk & Chalk Lines

A range of chalk lines and chalk refills.

Corner Tools

A range of corner tools including adjustable, internal and external.

Crimping Tools

Crimping tools come in a range of sizes 250mm, 275mm and 320mm.

Cutting Knives

A ranges of knives including adustables knives, fixed knives, quick change knives, score and snap knives and auto load knives. We also stock replacement blades.

General Tools

A wide range of hand tools including hammers, tin snips, bolt cutters, fibre cement cutters.

Hand Saws

A range of hand saws including cornice saws, drywall saws, keyhole saws and hacksaws.


A range of aluminium or magnesium hawks with rubbber or wooden handles.

Joint & Taping Knives

A range of joint and taping knives in carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic.


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