Automatic Tools

Angle Head

Fits easily onto Compound Applicator Tube. Dispensing ribbons of joint compound to both sides of internal, horizontal or vertical joints.

Automatic Taper

The Tapepro Automatic Taper simultaneously applies paper tape and the correct amount of joint compound to all flat and internal angle joints. It can be used with 75 or 150m rolls of paper tape.

Compound Applicator Tube

The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube is a robust and simple multi purpose tool.

Corner Box with Handle

The Tapepro Corner Box is designed to provide joint compound to the Corner Finisher (CF-75) or Corner Glazer (CG-75) to finish internal angles.

Corner Finisher - Plastic 75mm

Features a low friction, high strength industrial plastic body, requiring fewer parts thereby reducing the cost. The stainless steel frames have been laser cut and machined for accuracy and feature super wear resistant cemented carbide blades and skids.

Corner Finishers

The Tapepro Corner Finisher is the finest precision built finisher on the market!  Available in 65mm, 75mm and 90mm.

Corner Glazer 75mm

The Tapepro 75mm Corner Glazer™ is designed as a topping tool for finishing internal angles. It is used to simultaneously apply compound (when fitted to a Corner Box or Compound Applicator Tube), and feather the edges in one pass.

Corner Roller with Handle

The Tapepro Corner Roller is designed to bed-in paper tape after it has been applied to internal angles with a taping tool or by hand. The self aligning rollers force compound into the apex of the corner and force excess compound out. 

Cornice Head

The Tapepro Cornice Heads are designed to speed up cornice installation. They fit to the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube and are available in 55mm, 75mm and 90mm sizes.


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